Nonprofit Startups

The Alliance for Better Nonprofits understands both the need and the desire to start a nonprofit. After all, we are a nonprofit! ABN offers ongoing training courses and tailors consulting services to support the unique needs of nonprofit organizations at every stage. ABN will also host nonprofit startup seminars throughout the year. 

Check the Training Calendar for classes related to starting a nonprofit, or sign up for one of our FREE INFO SESSIONS where we will talk about the process of starting a nonprofit, including:

  • Conducting research about existing nonprofits
  • The legal process for establishing a tax-exempt organization
  • Fees for filing your tax-exempt status form, various licenses (state and federal), and professional fees (consulting or legal)
  • Building your team of constituencies (board of directors, additional supporters, volunteers, donors, etc.)
  • And more!

Free Nonprofit Startup Checklist


For more information, contact us at or 865-313-2077.