EmpoweringEast Tennessee Nonprofits


The Alliance for Better Nonprofits (ABN) provides East Tennessee nonprofits with support to accomplish their missions and increase their impact, ensuring all East Tennesseans across diverse communities, cultures, and generations can reach their full potential.

ABN offers the building blocks nonprofits need to be strong and sustainable through education and training, consulting services, relationship-building opportunities, access to resources, and collaboration in collective impact initiatives. We support the important work of the 400+ organizations we serve by laying the foundation for a strong, well-invested nonprofit community.

ABN is a program of the United Way of Greater Knoxville.

How Membership Works: Nonprofit organizations, students, and individuals are eligible for ABN membership. Members receive discounts on training classes and consulting services, relationship-building opportunities, access to resources, and more.

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Redistricting Knox County

Read to learn more about the redistricting efforts currently underway in Knox County and how you can get involved.

Why Brand Messaging Matters

Whether it’s geared toward major donors, corporate sponsors or individual advocates, fundraising often presents a multitude of challenges. At the heart of all fundraising efforts is an inspiring call to action: you hope they click to donate, place a dollar in the box, put a check in the mail, etc. The slight nuances you employ for different initiatives and audiences are what will set your nonprofit apart from others during crowded fundraising seasons and inspire action in support of your cause.

Your Best Virtual Fundraising Event: How to Keep Attendees Engaged—Before, During and After the Event

Virtual events have gained popularity in response to the pandemic and due to the fact that they are convenient for everyone. But how do you make your virtual event stand out in the crowded virtual landscape, especially when your audience is made up of Zoomers?