Board of Directors

Cathy Ackermann

Jerry Askew, President, Ex-Officio

Wade Creswell

Cynthia Gibson

Mike Hatcher

David Jones

David Martin, Secretary-Treasurer

Alex Miller

Avice Reid

Patricia Robledo

Frank Rothermel, Chair

Liz Stowers

Catey McClary

Nikitia Thompson

Laurens Tullock

Tim Williams

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  • Don Parnell, Past ABN Board Member

    "East Tennesseans are known for their generosity and willingness to help those in need. ABN will help nonprofits deliver their defined services in a more efficient and effective manner, to the ultimate benefit of those receiving services." 

  • Cathy Ackermann, ABN Board Member

    "The Greater Knoxville area is blessed with a vibrant and diverse non-profit community. ABN will provide support, best practices and specific consulting services to these organizations which make such a positive difference to so many." 

  • Mintha Roach, Past ABN Board Member

    "ABN is helping to make sure the leaders of our nonprofit community have access to the training and development they need to be good stewards of their donors' resources. That makes their organizations - and our community - stronger."