ABN Executive Search Services

Learn more and get started by contacting Elle Benson, Director of Capacity Building, at (865) 313-2077 or ebenson@betternonprofits.org.

Did you know that the Alliance for Better Nonprofits offers nonprofit executive search services?

A change in leadership presents a significant opportunity to focus on the future direction of your organization. Because a nonprofit’s leadership needs are distinct from those of a for-profit business, so too are the requirements of a nonprofit executive search.

When it comes to serving the hiring needs of nonprofits, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. ABN will work closely with your board, guiding it in defining your future leadership and management needs. We’ll also help you identify the specific leadership talents and skills required of your next executive director based on your strategic goals. Then, we support your board throughout your comprehensive search, including recruitment, screening, interviews, negotiation, and closing the deal.

“Our consultant was outstanding. She both deftly led and delicately nudged our diverse band of board members to keep our eyes focused on the pre-determined goal, thereby avoiding the distractions and dead ends that sometimes arise in [executive search] processes like this one.” – Archie Ellis, Williams Creek Youth Foundation

All of our services leverage our deep understanding of our clients’ unique missions and cultures, and our services get results: effective hires, made as efficiently as possible, that create lasting impact on nonprofit organizations.