ABN Expert Spotlight: Chuck Carringer, Ph.D.

“I’ve long had a passion for leadership. When a leader improves, everyone benefits, and leaders set the tone for their company or organization,” says Executive Coach and ABN Trainer Chuck Carringer, Ph.D.

As a former teacher, basketball coach, and principal, Dr. Carringer has been using what he calls the “coaching gene” for the past 30 years. Dr. Carringer earned a doctorate in executive leadership, focusing on leadership styles and executive styles, and has since put his education and experience to work helping professionals develop their leadership skills.

“Ultimately, what I find really fulfilling is partnering with someone and together setting objectives for their goals. I love the feeling and excitement of seeing a client succeed,” says Dr. Carringer.

In addition to Dr. Carringer’s executive coaching business, he has joined the Alliance for Better Nonprofits as a trainer since 2015. “I really believe in the mission of nonprofits. They make our communities better at the local, state, and national levels,” he says. He enjoys providing development opportunities for nonprofit leaders and aiding in creating more effective and well-led nonprofits.

“My experience has been so positive. The nonprofit leaders in Knoxville are genuine and driven, and they are eager for support,” he says.

Dr. Carringer has no question that coaching and helping others achieve their leadership goals is his calling. “I’m wired to coach and to help people win.”

Dr. Carringer’s next training with ABN is a webinar on Thursday, June 24 from 1-3pm on “Authentic Leadership.”