ABN Membership: How It Works

Alliance for Better Nonprofits is preparing for launch this fall and for most people in Knoxville and Upper East Tennessee, the concept of a nonprofit training and resource center is an unfamiliar one. Organizations that offer support services and nonprofit education programs can be found in many cities across the country. The model for ABN is based on Center for Nonprofit Management in Nashville, Greenlights in Austin, TX and Standards for Excellence Institute in Baltimore.

Like these centers, ABN will be membership-based. Revenue from membership, training and consulting fees will sustain our operations so we aren’t competing for the same fundraising dollars as the organizations we serve.

How does membership work?

Membership is only available to nonprofit organizations and is not open to individuals or for-profit businesses. Member benefits cover an unlimited number of the nonprofit organization’s staff, board members and volunteers. Annual membership is based on a calendar year – Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 –  and is renewable in the fall, before each calendar year.

I think of it like a Dollywood Season Pass. Whether you purchase it in March or December, the price doesn’t change and it expires at the end of the season. But, if you plan to visit the park more than once, the season pass is well worth it.

Like Dollywood, ABN will be a great investment any time of the year, but the sooner you join, the better. Open enrollment for membership begins in September. Special events, trainings and online resources will be available this fall. By January, we’ll be in full swing.

Member discounts on training classes are significant. Among the many other benefits are things like, access to networking opportunities, affordable consulting services, collaborative grants and free online resources – including job postings.

Get more information about ABN, including the fee structure for membership HERE. >>