ABN Now Offering Executive Coaching and RightPath

I remember the first time I stepped onto a baseball field when I was nine years old. I had aspirations to be a catcher, but when I put my pads and my mask on, I found that I couldn’t see well. As my coach slowly walked towards me, I could hear my teammates snickering. He raised his hand towards me and asked, “Having trouble seeing?” He grabbed my mask and lowered it into the correct position so that my eyes were in line with the opening. “There, that should help.” The snickers turned into laughter and applause. We all had coaches when we were younger, but why not as adults?

Executive coaching is a powerful tool for improving performance by aligning people’s passions with an organization’s mission, and developing new approaches, behaviors, and attitudes to achieve these goals. Our coaches are trained professionals who work with high-level and high-potential leaders, on a one-on-one basis, helping them gain self-awareness, clarify personal and professional goals, achieve personal and organizational outcomes, and act as a confidante and sounding board.

An investment in leadership development helps an organization by creating a positive developmental approach that trickles down throughout the organization, strengthening relationships and improving results as it flows. This includes enhancing productivity and efficiency, improving self-esteem, reducing turnover, attracting and leveraging talent, and developing good metrics to ensure goals can be reached.

One segment of ABN’s Executive Coaching services is RightPath Resources. RightPath develops team members from ‘hire to retire’ by teaching individuals and organizations to align people, passions, and positions to achieve maximum performance. RightPath specialize in organizational assessments, starting with training to increase hiring accuracy up to 75%. One of their major focuses is to develop stronger leaders by emphasizing emotional intelligence, building better relationships and encouraging others. RightPath provides tailor-made development solutions and coaching for executives and emerging leaders.

To learn more about our Executive Coaching services, including RightPath, contact Elle Benson, Director of Capacity Building, at 865.313.2077 or ebenson@betternonprofits.org.