ABN Partner Spotlight: Ben Landers

Ben Landers shares why United Way of Greater Knoxville is partnering with Alliance for Better Nonprofits:

“Over 25 years ago, while working at the United Way in Nashville, I observed the increasing value of a program designed to improve the effectiveness of local nonprofits. Today, that program is a national model and participating nonprofits in our mid-state are among the best anywhere.”

Center for Nonprofit Management (Nashville, Tenn.) 

“We believe a premiere nonprofit focused on helping regional organizations enhances the delivery of their programs and will improve overall community conditions. There is no doubt in my mind this concept works. Our area is ready for it and deserving of a top-notch effort. When the concept of The Alliance for Better Nonprofits was being considered, the United Way of Greater Knoxville, at my request and others, jumped at the chance to participate in the groundwork to create it. We fully recognize the potential impact ABN can have in our community and have come to support it with significant grants for the building improvements and programming. It’s about making our communities better. Join us!”

Ben Landers is President and CEO of United Way of Greater Knoxville.