Meet Our Keynote: Michael Graber

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Michael Graber is the founder and managing partner of the Southern Growth Studio, an innovation + strategy boutique in Memphis. Michael has years of experience working in the trenches advising more than 200 top companies and nonprofits, including Cardinal image.pngHealth, Arrow, FedEx, ServiceMaster, Mars PetCare, Jack Nicklaus, Hunter Fan, Rheem, and others. Michael also has deep nonprofit experience, driving strategy and innovation for ALSAC/St.Jude, Heifer International, Church Health, Porter Leath, and numerous foundations.

Michael frequently publishes, speaks, and presents workshops on innovation, corporate culture, creativity, business model strategy, and leadership. When not he’s not working, you can find Michael playing music around his native Memphis, TN. Michael is also the author of two books and more than 500 articles in INC., Innovation Excellence, and the Daily Memphian.


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