Summer Series Success: Nonprofit Trainings Yield Positive Results

This summer, Center for Communities (CFC) – Knoxville Leadership Foundation’s nonprofit capacity building program – passed the baton to Alliance for Better Nonprofits. We led a Summer Series featuring eight trainings that served 165 people representing 65 nonprofits. Abby Wintker Burris, Executive Director of Friends of the Knox County Public Library, attended every training and shared her […]
By Tiffani Mensch on August 20, 2015

What We’re Reading: “Nonprofit Fundraising Isn’t About Money”

Nonprofit Quarterly posted a must-read article: Fundraising Isn’t about Money…Neither Is Giving. It’s part 1 of a series about the importance of building authentic support through brand storytelling. Fundraising helps people follow their own interests, express their values, and advance their own aspirations. Our work is about emotional fulfillment. As Dale Carnegie, 1930s self-help guru, said, “You’ll […]
By Tiffani Mensch on April 24, 2015