5-Point Member Guide: Road to Excellence

So your nonprofit became a member of ABN.

Now what?


#1 Get Oriented

Get your staff, board members and volunteers literally on the road and come to a new member orientation at ABN. Find a date/time that works HERE or contact Tiffani for more information: TMensch@betternonprofits.org

#2 Assess Yourself

Take the Standards for Excellence® assessment - it's online, confidential and FREE for members. You can send it to as many board members, staff and key volunteers as you want (or don't). This will help you identify your organization's strengths and weaknesses. Then, we'll give you a road map to guide you towards the training courses and resources your organization needs most. (Did you just ask yourself "What the heck is Standards for Excellence?" No worries. Click THIS)

Want to know more? Call Dan Myers: (865) 385-3771

#3 Invite Your People

Get every member of your staff, board, committees and leadership team to create an ABN profile or "subaccount." (Hint: We'll teach you how to do this at orientation.) Once you're logged in under your nonprofit's main account, you can send your team an email invitation. Or they can simply click on your organization's name in our directory HERE

This gets them connected to ABN. They can access resources, register for discounted classes and sign up for free events.

#4 Learn, Grow and Engage

An unlimited number of people on your team can learn, grow and engage through a comprehensive calendar of skill-building workshops, conferences, panels and peer group gatherings.

We also have affordable consulting services for board retreats, marketing projects, staff development and more. See how it works! 

#5 Find the Freebies

If you need to create a staff handbook, a conflict of interest policy, a template for board minutes or any of the other pieces and parts of a nonprofit engine, CONTACT US! We can send you the best-in-class components of nonprofit management, governance and operations. ABN is licensed to provide our members with nationally-renowned Standards for Excellence® materials, samples and packets (FREE!). There's no need to reinvent the wheel. We have what you need to build a high-performing nonprofit.

You also have access to no-cost tools through our website. (Be sure to login!) 

road-sign.pngIf you get lost along the way, call us! (865) 313-2077

Our team is committed to empowering yours. But, the key to your success is getting started and bringing your staff, board and volunteers along for the ride!