Take Your Nonprofit to the Next Level

The Alliance for Better Nonprofits (ABN) Standards for Excellence® Assessment is an in-depth organizational self-assessment tailored specifically for nonprofits, and is the result of over six years of nonprofit research, consulting, and evaluation. Each of the 11 core activities evaluated in the assessment were designed and peer-reviewed by nonprofit experts. The assessment uses feedback from all levels of organizational stakeholders, including the board, staff, and key volunteers. The feedback is then combined and evaluated to produce a comprehensive report that shows your organization’s strengths and areas of opportunity.

The assessment measures two facets of your organization through 11 different core activities. The first part of the assessment looks at the structural side of your nonprofit. Organizational structures provide the basic Quote-(3).pngframework for nonprofits to carry out their mission (goals, policies, procedures, etc.). The second part of the assessment determines how effectively your organization is operating in each of the 11 core activities.

The process energizes your staff, board, and volunteers by asking for their feedback, and getting a pulse on current initiatives will help you check to see if your resources are aligned with your strategic objectives.

After you take the assessment, we'll meet with you to go over your final report and give you a road map for focusing our resources on your areas of opportunity. Plus, we'll show you how to leverage the results when approaching donors. The best part? It's all FREE to you as an ABN member! There’s no reason not to take advantage!

Click HERE to see a sample of the report you’ll receive after taking the Standards for Excellence® Assessment.

Contact Director of Capacity Building Elle Benson at (865) 313-2077 or ebenson@betternonprofits.org to get started.

386 Tiffani Mensch is the Director of Community Engagement for ABN. With over a decade of experience in nonprofit education, community outreach, and fundraising, Tiffani is passionate about helping nonprofits achieve greater mission impact. Before joining ABN, she worked for the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, the University of Tennessee, and Girls Inc. of Santa Fe. She earned her master of arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design and a bachelor of fine arts degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. Tiffani currently serves on the board of trustees for Girls Inc. of Knoxville and is a peer reviewer for the Standards for Excellence Institute. She also volunteers with several local nonprofits.