Financial Woes? We Can Help!

Did you know the Alliance for Better Nonprofits offers customized services to help with financial and accounting practices? ABN will collaborate with your organization to determine your specific needs and interests and help develop your project, which can focus on a narrow topic or on the entire scope of your nonprofit’s functions. Our consultants will work with you to create the best strategy for your organization, ensuring the outcomes will be both effective and long-lasting.

Budgets, reports, and financial procedures can often feel daunting, but they are an extremely important aspect of an organization’s administrative duties and are essential for maintaining the public trust. It is imperative that your nonprofit be more than proficient at planning, budgeting, developing external accountability, risk management, and executing proper processes. Need help? ABN financial consultants are here to save the day! Our services are currently focused on two areas: financial development and QuickBooks. Financial development topics include the creation or improvement of internal controls, standard operation procedures, cost allocations, budgeting, goal setting, net-asset reporting, and financial statement structuring. QuickBooks topics include a review of your current account, reporting functions, data migration, and tips and tricks for best utilizing QuickBooks.

ABN consultants can handle a variety of roles for your organization, and it is this flexibility and expertise that makes them such a valuable investment. They serve as advisors, but can also perform other important functions, such as evaluating situations from a third-party perspective, identifying problem areas, and proposing solutions for every level of your organization. Consultants can provide a deeper knowledge of best practices, as well as encouragement and guidance to inspire systemic change and new ways of thinking. They can also be great cheerleaders for your organization! Nonprofits commonly hire consultants to help with strategic planning, board development, legal compliance, marketing, fundraising, and more, but getting your finances in order is arguably one of the most important areas they can assist with.

So you’ve decided to employ ABN’s consulting services – what’s the next step? First, we will meet with you to determine your specific needs and your organization’s ultimate goals. Once we develop the scope of work, we will propose up to three of our consultants for you to choose from, whom we believe would be the best fit for you and your organization’s needs. To make the process as easy as possible for you, ABN is here make all of the arrangements and manage the contract with your consultant. The proposal will include our key assumptions, a detailed description of the recommended consultant(s), services to be implemented, a general timeline, and detailed instructions on how to move forward.

Take that first step towards financial security and contact ABN to connect you with a consultant today!

If you have questions or would like to get started on a project, contact Sam Kimbro at (865) 582-4088 or