Get Involved With ABN Now!

The idea for Alliance for Better Nonprofits has been brewing for a while.

In the fall of 2013, things got serious. A task force led to meetings, research, focus groups and more meetings. Business, nonprofit, foundation and community leaders chose to utilize Knoxville Leadership Foundation‘s Center for Communities(CFC) as a launching point. From there, studies of the nation’s most effective nonprofit resource and training centers were conducted and a business model was drafted based on Center for Nonprofit Management in Nashville, Greelights in Austin and Standards for Excellence with Baltimore Nonprofits. A founding board of directors officially incorporated in October 2014. The first two staff members were hired in February.

Now, here we are.

We’re planning for a fall launch while also continuing the great work of CFC by offering (free!) training classes through the summer. We are also doing things like trying to find a stapler with actual staples in it. Next month, we’ll move into new offices at The Regas Building. The downstairs training facility is slated to be complete in early fall.

Even though open enrollment for membership doesn’t begin until fall, there are 3 things you can do NOW to get involved with ABN:

  1. Join our email list so you can keep up with the latest news, events and CFC trainings
  2. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn where we’ll share ABN announcements, plus some of our favorite resources and tips for strengthening your nonprofit!
  3. Join us for an informal Meet & Greet! We’ll be at Remedy in downtown Knoxville on Tuesday, May 5 from 8:30-9:30. Email Sarah, if you plan to join us.