How to Prepare for a Nonprofit Job Interview

You’ve worked tirelessly on the perfect cover letter that describes your passion for your nonprofit dream job. Your resume highlights your experience and education, which perfectly aligns with the opening’s requirements. You also may have screamed with excitement when you got the call for an interview with the Executive Director. Now it’s time to prep for your interview!

Questions to Ask:

  • What are the objectives that I will be evaluated on and how will those be measured?
  • What is the sustainability of the position and program? Is it grant funded?
  • Can you describe your organizational culture?
  • May I have a program/facility tour and meet potential peers?
  • Would you be interested in receiving additional samples of my work?

Questions NOT to Ask:

  • What is the salary? Now, this is a common question but don’t ask it in a first interview, but it’s better to broadly ask about an overall compensation package that includes non-monetary benefits too.
  • What does the organization do? This research should be done prior to the interview.
  • Closed-ended questions. Keep the conversation by engaging your interviewer with questions that allow you to get to know each other.

The question portion of the interview can secure your fate with the nonprofit. Be sure to keep your questions and overall conversation extremely positive. Practice builds confidence so seek a friend to help you do a mock interview. 

Interested in searching nonprofit jobs in Knoxville and the surrounding areas? Check out the online ABN Career Center!

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385 Elle Benson is the Director of Capacity Building for ABN. She is originally from Denver, Colorado and came to Tennessee via UT Knoxville where she graduated from the College of Business. She recently completed her MBA in Leadership at Tiffin University. Before joining ABN, Benson served as Marketing Supervisor for LBMC, PC and was the Director of Operations for the YWCA Knoxville. She is the past President of Young Professionals of Knoxville (YPK) and served as the Curriculum Chair for the Inaugural YPK Leadership Certificate program. Benson serves on the board for the Friends of Literacy, Knoxville Marketing Association and the United Way Young Leaders Society.