Nonprofit Board Members in the Hot Seat


Nonprofit boards are not meeting expectations, according to a recent Standford study. Researchers surveyed 924 nonprofit directors and found an overwhelming majority believed their boards were deficient in key areas ranging from knowledge and experience to planning and procedures. 

ABN trainer (and research guru) Chris Crouch shared the study's findings with us, which was featured in the Harvard Business Review this past fallDownload it HERE.

Whether or not your board is falling short, there's always room for improvement.

Here are 3 things you can do now to build a stronger board:

#1 Make training a priority. Invest your time and resources into developing the individuals who serve on the board and the volunteers/staff who work directly with them. Fundamental expectations and responsibilities must be clear and it's more effective to learn side-by-side in a workshop than trying to figure it out face-to-face in a meeting. ABN offers classes on everything from board relationships and HR practices to legal requirements and financial responsibilities.

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#2 Retreat. Put all other responsibilities on hold and commit a significant amount of time to planning and strategizing with the full board, executive director and for maximum impact - a consultant. ABN can help assess your specific needs and match your nonprofit with the right expert. We've negotiated a flat fee with some of the most experienced, effective nonprofit consultants in the region. 

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#3 Do Your Homework. When creating or updating governing policies and procedures, don't try to reinvent the wheel or rely on whatever Goggle finds. The top source for best practices in nonprofit governance, management and operations is the nationally-recognized Standards for Excellence® code. ABN is licensed to deliver The Standards in our training programs, consulting services and resource library. If your nonprofit is a member of ABN, we can provide you with materials from the Standards for Excellence Institute, which includes a robust collection of resources - everything from sample board policies to instructions for creating a Staff Handbook. 

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An opportunity you won't want your leadership team to miss is ABN's Board Excellence Conference, slated for Tuesday, May 3rd. The one-day only event will provide a comprehensive look at today's best practices for serving on a nonprofit board.

Sessions and workshops will feature some of the region's most experienced and respected board members and nonprofit leaders. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Robin Hindsman Stacia, is a nationally-recognized Standards for Excellence® licensed consultant and Principal of Sage Consulting Network based in Atlanta. She has partnered with top organizations in the nonprofit sector, including BoardSource, Inc., one of the nation’s most respected and referenced resources for nonprofit governance.

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