ABN Expert Spotlight: Halee Sprinkle

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Halee Sprinkle, founder and owner of Czech Yourself Marketing, learned to manifest the spirit of community responsibility at a young age. Raised in a strong midwest family, she learned early on that lending her authentic gifts and talents to support those in need is what true success is built upon. As a corporate marketing professional for more than a decade, Halee has worked for and supported a variety organizations. However, the opportunity to do more, create more, and connect deeper in a way that integrated community, her career path, and her family life continued to present itself over and over again, leading her to create Czech Yourself Marketing. She provides counsel and direction to her clients, helping them best utilze marketing and advertising resources within their financial means to make the biggest impact. Read our interview with Halee below!

Where did you grow up?

I spent most of my childhood in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and then my family moved to North Georgia when I was inhaleesprinkle-(1).jpg high school. I stayed in Georgia for college where I met my husband, who is a Knoxville native. We then moved back here once I graduated. I’ve been in Knoxville almost 15 years now and love it here!

How did you get your start working with nonprofits?

I have been an avid volunteer since I was young. As I entered the professional world, I became much more intentional about how I give back to my community. I found giving my time and talent to nonprofits is where my heart truly lies - whether that’s helping to build a marketing plan, sitting on a board, or helping coordinate an event.

What is one thing that you see changing about nonprofits that you think is for the better?

Recently, I was told that nonprofits categorize their supporters and how they give into three buckets: time, talent, and treasure. This resonated so much with me and I’ve shared this with many of my clients. Each of these contributions are important and help nonprofits hit their bottom lines.

What do you see as the biggest threat to a nonprofit’s success?

A lack of focus and consistency in messaging. If they have too many “tabs open,” it’s hard to relay the nonprofit’s mission, needs, and goals to their audiences. Chaotic messaging can deter donor/prospect support and advocacy.

Talk about one thing that has your attention right now?

I have a passion for connecting individuals with resources that help them thrive personally and professionally. I am able to fulfill this passion in my involvement with the local Women in Entrepreneurship-Knoxville and Women in Entrepreneurship-Blount County groups. These groups are filled with talented, driven women business owners looking for resources, connections, and community.

What do you love about working with ABN?

I love getting to work with so many amazing organizations and learning about their individual missions and how they serve our community!


Halee Sprinkle's consulting specialties include digital marketing and strategic problem solving, with a focus on social media, email marketing, website strategy, and content ideation and creation. To work with Halee, start by contacting ABN Director of Capacity Building Elle Benson at ebenson@betternonprofits.org. Learn more about ABN Consulting at betternonprofits.org/consulting.

996 Jasmine earned her BA in technical communications from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and soon after became the administrator and grant writer at The First Tee of Greater Knoxville. Jasmine served in this role for two years, and in doing so she came to love nonprofit work, specifically the passion, love, and commitment of the people around her. It was this new-found passion that led her to join the Alliance for Better Nonprofits. In addition to her professional career, Jasmine also serves on boards and committees at the Bijou Theatre and Project GRAD, and volunteers at Beck Cultural Center and Tailgating for a Cause. Contact Jasmine at (865) 313-2077 x205 or JHarper@betternonprofits.org.