Meet Storytelling Conference Speaker Regina Bonds

Regina Bonds, also affectionately known as the Confidence Guru, is celebrated as one of the world’s most trusted voices to women, challenging them to use their confidence to improve, enhance, and, ultimately, elevate their lives. Regina has worked with women around the world to help them recognize their value, find their voice, and clarify their path through the power of her confidence formula. Regina is a sought-after speaker, mentor, and expert to those that are tired of living mediocre lives and ready to live in the realm of unstoppable confidence. To learn more about Regina, visit her website.

Don’t miss her conference session:

The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Building the Confidence to Speak Out

What narrative do you tell yourself each day? Is it a compelling story or a dramatic novel? Learning how to speak to yourself with praise and encouragement helps build confidence, which will enhance your ability to empower your team and the communities you serve. Learn how to fill your own bucket so you can pour into others.