First Look at The Regas Building Offices

Alliance for Better Nonprofits, along with Knoxville Leadership Foundation, moved into offices on the second story of The Regas Building, 318 N. Gay Street. The first-floor training and resource center is slated for completion in late summer/early fall.

As we establish our headquarters at The Regas Building, we’re mindful of the historical significance of this Knoxville icon. Before closing in 2010, Regas was a beloved, family-owned restaurant that served patrons for nine decades.

Knoxville Leadership Foundation now owns the building and has been committed to preserving as much as possible as they establish a regional nonprofit hub. During construction, architectural details were unearthed, pre-dating Regas. These archways were once the front entrance to Hotel Watauga, ca. 1900, which accommodated visitors from the bustling Southern Depot train station across the street.

On the second floor, the archway is showcased in what will be a shared conference room for tenants of The Regas Building.

Though it’s hard to imagine now, this used to be a five-story building. When the hotel was condemned in 1963, Regas acquired it. They removed the upper floors, expanded their restaurant on the first floor and converted the second story into offices.


Brick arches were also uncovered in the interior hallways of the second floor. The Alliance for Better Nonprofits’ Suite 203 is located on the right.

The ABN office suite is located at the front of the building, overlooking Southern Depot train station and Downtown Knoxville.

Along with our office neighbors, we’re becoming a new kind of hub.

We want to hear your memories of Regas! Did you celebrate a special occasion here? What was your favorite dish? Share your Regas stories with us on Twitter and/or Instagram by using the hashtag #RegasStories.