Nonprofit Technology Benchmarking

The Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) along with national partners such as TechSoup and The Nonprofit Times, released their 8th annual nonprofit technology staffing and investment report. NTEN is a nonprofit community of nonprofit technology professionals that aims to assist in nonprofit technology networking, research, education and support. I have personally attended a Southeast regional event hosted by NTEN and would recommend the organization to any nonprofit technology professional.

Report Highlights

  • The average national nonprofit employs one technology support staff for each thirty employees employed within the organization.
  • The median technology expense line item ranges between 1.4% to 2% of the nonprofit’s annual operating budget.
  • The majority of respondents feel that they have the technology necessary to do their jobs but do not feel confident that staff are skilled or trained to fully utilize the technology.
  • 64% of nonprofit organizations include technology in their strategic plans.
  • 52% of respondents list being able to keep up with necessary technology, while 35% report feeling improvements in technology should be made, and only 11% are technology leaders by using technology to invest in the mission and strategy.
  • 45% of nonprofit organizations evaluate their return on investment for technology implementation.
  • 54% of nonprofit organizations do not have a budget for technology training.

Using technology strategically can help nonprofit organizations fulfill their missions. Visit NTEN to see the benchmarking report and to learn more about nonprofit technology best-practices.