Not for Wimps: Take the Test and Get Donors to Notice You

Put your organization to the test with our Standards for Excellence® assessment, which is FREE to members ($500 value). By assessing your organization, you can identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement. The process can energize your staff, board and volunteers by asking for their feedback. Getting a pulse on current initiatives will help you check to see if resources are aligned with strategic objectives. The assessment is taken online, followed by a results workshop and a one-hour consultation at no charge.

We'll give you a road map for strengthening your nonprofit. Plus, our team will show you how to leverage the results when approaching donors. 

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Contact Interim Consulting Director, Dan Myers to get started: or (865) 524-2774.
  2. Complete the online *assessment with key members of your nonprofit if applicable. 
  3. Attend an Assessment Results Workshop. Workshop Calendar >>

*Your assessment is completely confidential. ABN will not publish or disclose results without your permission.