Sneak Peek: Fall 2015 Training!

It’s almost time for launch! Starting September 1st, membership enrollment and registration for trainings and events will open. Get a sneak peek of our training calendar and start planning now!

Fall 2015 Training Calendar >>  

Fall class prices are based on hours:

  • 1 hour $25 member / $75 non-member
  • 2 hour $50 member / $150 non-member
  • 3 hour $75 member / $225 non-member
  • 6 hour $150 member / $450 non-member

When a nonprofit organization becomes a member of ABN, an unlimited number of staff, board members and volunteers can receive the discounted member price. Annual fees for membership vary based on your nonprofit’s budget.

Special Offer! When a nonprofit joins ABN by September 30th, the organization will receive one $50 gift voucher from our Membership Director to use toward the cost of a Fall 2015 training event.

Member Benefits + Annual Fees >>

Get the most of your membership by enrolling this fall! Member benefits and discounts are applicable for the fall 2015 and year-round 2016 trainings that occur following completion of your membership enrollment.

The 2016 Training Catalogue will launch on November 1. The year-long schedule will include a robust offering of training classes with additional course categories.

Questions? Contact us at (865) 313-2077 or