Alliance for Better Nonprofits members now have access to Aetna Funding Advantage Health Care Plan – save on health benefits for your nonprofit! Through Tennessee Chambers Health, ABN member organizations get an exclusive discount on all Aetna Funding Advantage health benefit plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aetna Funding Advantage? Aetna Funding Advantage is Aetna’s fastest growing small business product. It offers a suite of 54 health benefit plan options, robust health and wellness programs, digital benefits administration and both broad and enhanced local network options. Aetna Funding Advantage is a self-funded product built specifically for small businesses. It has one stable monthly payment, the opportunity to get money back when claims are lower than expected and the protection of stop-loss insurance when claims are higher than expected.

How can an organization get an Aetna Funding Advantage quote? Organizations can either work with their current broker or visit to request a quote. In order to have the discount applied to the quote, please enter ABN’s discount code: E222 in the Affinity Organization section of the quote form. You and your broker can also work with the local Aetna representative to learn more about Aetna Funding Advantage and Tennessee Chambers Health: Luke Orren, Aetna, (865) 438-0111.

What discount does Tennessee Chambers Health offer on Aetna Funding Advantage? On average, member businesses save $144 per enrolled employee annually through the exclusive Tennessee Chambers Health discount*. For a small business with 15 employees, that’s $2,160 off the annual cost of Aetna Funding Advantage. The discount is subtracted from the administrative fee portion of the monthly invoice. Note, if the administrative fee is not large enough to cover the full discount, the discount will be the amount of what the administrative fee allows.

Who is eligible for the discount? Any organization that is an active member of the Alliance for Better Nonprofits is eligible for the discount on Aetna Funding Advantage. Please note that Aetna Funding Advantage is available to organizations with 2 enrolled to 100 eligible employees.

Does Aetna Funding Advantage have participation & contribution minimums? Yes. Employers must contribute 50% to the total cost of coverage of the lowest cost plan option or 50% of employee only contributions for the cost of coverage of the lowest cost plan option. Depending on the number of eligible employees your organizations has, Aetna requires a certain number of those employees to enroll in an Aetna Funding Advantage plan. Once you have 10 eligible employees, a minimum of 50% of eligible employees (rounding down) must enroll in the plan.