Standards for Excellence®

Build trust with donors. Manage effectively. Operate efficiently. Govern with accountability.

ABN can show you how.

The Alliance for Better Nonprofits fosters a culture of accountability in the nonprofit sector of East Tennessee through the nationally-renowned Standards for Excellence® program. The Standards for Excellence® provides a framework of best practices for nonprofit management, governance and operations. ABN helps members operate in accordance with the program through:

  • A confidential online organizational assessment (FREE for members!)
  • A resource library of valuable tools, templates, and other resources specific to the nonprofit sector
  • Assistance in the voluntary accreditation process
  • Training workshops

Standards for Excellence® Classes


Download: The Code Book

Resource Library

ABN is a licensed replication partner and provides Standards for Excellence® materials and sample documents at no cost to members.

The library includes:

Mission Strategy & Evaluation: Planning, Program Evaluation, Sustainability Planning, Strategic Partnerships

Leadership (Board, Staff & Volunteers): Board Member Responsibilities, Board and Executive Partnership, Board Member Composition and Independence, Personnel Policies, Employee Orientation, Compensation and Evaluation, Volunteer Policies, Succession Planning

Legal Compliance & Ethics: Legal Requirements Checklist, Charitable Nonprofits Guide to Disclosure Requirements, Reporting Misconduct and Whistle Blower Protection, Conflict of Interest, Developing Code of Ethics, Working Professionally and Respectfully with Program Stakeholders

Finance & Operations: Financial Budgeting, Reporting and Monitoring, Financial Policies and Internal Controls, IRS Form 990 Governance and Management Policy Compendium, Administrative Policies, Risk Management and Insurance

Resource Development: Planning and Sources of Income, Fundraising Costs, Fundraising Solicitation Acceptance of Gifts and Working with Donors, Fundraising on Behalf of the Organization

Public Awareness, Engagement & Advocacy: Advancing the Mission through Public Policy, Educating and Engaging the Public

Organizational Assessment

Put your organization to the test with our Standards for Excellence® Organizational Assessment - FREE to members ($500 value). The confidential assessment is taken online, followed by a one-hour results workshop at no charge.

The process can energize your staff, board, and volunteers by asking for their feedback, and getting a pulse on current initiatives will help you check to see if your resources are aligned with your strategic objectives. 

We'll give you a road map for focusing our training, consulting, and resources on your areas of opportunity. Plus, our team will show you how to leverage the results when approaching donors.



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ABN can assist members in pursuing national Standards for Excellence® accreditation. Obtaining these credentials has proven particularly useful in fundraising, grant pursuits, and recruiting. 

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