ABN's customized approach will meet your organization's needs and interests. Projects can focus on a narrow topic or on the entire scope of your organization. Our consultants work with you to create strategic, long-term change. Read more about nonprofit consulting on our blog.

Our Experts

ABN's consultants have expertise in a variety of fields - from corporations and government agencies to academia and nonprofits of all sizes. Since ABN's launch in late 2015, our experts have completed over 1,000 hours of consultation!

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We'll develop a consulting plan and match you with the best expert for your specific needs. ABN makes all of the arrangements and manages the contract with your consultant.

If you have questions or would like to get started on a project, contact Elle Benson at (865) 313-2077 or


ABN Members: $150/per hour            Non-Member: $250/per hour

Consulting Categories

some projects we've completed

Leadership Services


When it comes to serving the hiring needs of nonprofits, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. ABN works closely with your board, guiding it in defining your future leadership and management needs. We’ll also help you identify the specific leadership talents and skills required of your next CEO based on your strategic goals. Then, we support your board throughout the comprehensive search, including recruitment, screening, interviews, negotiation, and closing the deal. LEARN MORE

Executive coaching

Executive coaches are trained professionals who work with high-level and high-potential leaders, on a one-on-one basis, assisting them to gain self-awareness, clarify personal and professional goals, achieve personal and organizational outcomes, and act as confidante and sounding board. LEARN MORE

RightPath Assessments

ABN offers RightPath behavioral assessments to assist in identifying talents and offer an in-depth display of predictable natural behaviors. From hire to retire, RightPath leads individuals and organizations to align people, passions, and positions to achieve maximum performance. LEARN MORE

  • RightPath can help organizations increase hiring accuracy up to 75%.
  • RightPath can be used to improve relationships and communication for maximum performance.
  • RightPath equips leaders to use emotional intelligence to get results, build relationships, and develop others.


A strategic plan is a tool used to provide guidance in fulfilling an organization’s mission with maximum efficiency and impact. LEARN MORE

Through the process of strategic planning, you can:

  • Achieve strategic clarity;
  • Set strategic priorities;
  • Determine resource implications; and
  • Develop an implementation plan and establish performance measurement.