Marketing Packages

ABN's high-impact marketing packages include some of the services nonprofits need most.

Our marketing consulting packages provide a simple process for utilizing experts in the field to develop professional marketing strategies for your organization. Contact Elle Benson at (865) 313-2077 or to get started.

Social media

Description: Most organizations have a social media presence, but few know how to use these platforms to deepen relationships with their stakeholders. The nonprofits that succeed on social media are the ones who create and execute a long-term strategy. If your social strategy needs an overhaul, or even if you’re starting from scratch, this package will equip you with the skills needed to create an attractive and effective online community.


  • One hour of prep work and audit of up to three channels
  • Four hours of in-person consultation to cover:
    • Platform determination
    • Creating goals for each platform
    • Audience-focused content creation
    • Content calendar management and scheduling
    • Resources and tools to create shareable graphics and videos in-house
    • What metrics matter and how to monitor them
  • One hour of follow-up consultation one month later

Rate: $900 (6 hours)


Description: A strategic, multi-channel marketing plan is essential to a successful event. This package will define and describe strategies and tactics for spreading the word, generating grassroots support, and utilizing social media in order to raise awareness, recruit participants, and boost fundraising for your organization's event or program. At the conclusion of this session you'll receive a fully developed event marketing plan that's ready for implementation.

Includes: Preparation time, stakeholder interviews, and development of a comprehensive event marketing plan

Rate: $1,050 (7 hours) 


Description: This consulting package will help you clearly identify your primary audience, uncover their most pressing needs, and structure your messaging in a way that will move them to action. This package is intentionally flexible and can provide you with guidance at either the organizational level (“How can our organization describe what we do in a way that moves people?”) or on the campaign/program level (“How do we get people excited about our upcoming fundraiser?”).


  • Prep time and research: 1 hour
  • Discovery meeting and consultation: 5 hours
  • Messaging overview: 3 hours
  • Follow-up consultation: 1 hour

Rate: $1,500 (10 hours) 

comprehensive marketing plan

Description: Effectively marketing your nonprofit organization starts with a comprehensive plan. This package will help your organization develop clear and consistent messaging, evaluate the effectiveness of current channels, identify new platforms, create a yearly communications calendar, review and revamp your media relations strategy, and more. After your initial discovery meeting and consultation, you’ll receive a year-long, actionable marketing and communications plan aimed at raising awareness among key stakeholders and empowering you to more effectively reach donors, friends, and volunteers.


  • Prep time and research: 2 hours
  • Discovery meeting and consultation: 6 hours
  • Creation of comprehensive marketing plan: 5 hours
  • Follow-up consultation: 1 hour

Rate: $2,100 (14 hours)

0ur consultants

Katie Back Salmon is a Georgia Peach who loves creating community behind a keyboard. Throughout her digital marketing career, she has managed social media accounts for four nonprofits reaching audiences of $2.5 million. After graduating from the University of Georgia with degrees in marketing and fashion merchandising, Katie moved to Knoxville to work with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM). At TEAM, she designed a social media, blogging, and email strategy that attracted more qualified volunteer leads and online donations. In addition to her work with nonprofits, Katie is a digital marketing consultant for small businesses and enjoys finding innovative ways to bring for-profit communications strategies to the nonprofit sector.

Jess Curtis: From redesigning websites to managing social media, and creating marketing initiatives to creative photography, Jess has always been able to adapt herself to best suit the environment around her. A communications chameleon of sorts, she has excelled in a variety of positions in the world of digital media.

Jess received her B.A. in writing/communications from Maryville College (with a triple minor in photography, art and American Sign Language). After graduation, Jess aimed her sights on a career that merged an entrepreneurial environment with a firm foundation in communication and collaboration. Art is one of her passions, whether on canvas or a digital screen. Teaching the nonprofit community how to merge their vision, content, and personality into a webpage, media presence or brand is a beautiful concept she is ecstatic to be a part of.

Josh Cantrell is a people-oriented, results-focused marketing consultant with a passion for helping organizations grow. Josh is the founder of Signal Brandworks, a digital marketing company specializing in inbound marketing, copywriting, and creating digital marketing strategies that work. His marketing initiatives and leadership helped one previous company grow from $5 million to $20 million over five years. Josh was a founding leadership team member of the Social Media Club of Knoxville and has worked with nonprofits in various marketing and consultative capacities since 2008. Josh brings a down-to-earth, unpretentious, and hands-on approach to marketing consulting for small businesses and nonprofits throughout the Southeast.

Jody Collins has been a graphic designer for 25 years. He specializes in marketing, branding, and photography. He has served on over twenty nonprofit boards and committees to help nonprofits tell their compelling stories, determine their brand, develop targeted growth, and utilize social media.

Penny Kemp has 20+ years of experience providing marketing consultation and brand strategy services to nationally recognized brands and organizations. Her industry experience ranges from the performing arts, arts education, and tourism to products and services within the built environment, energy efficiency, sustainabilit,y and environmental sectors.

From 2005-2010, Penny served as the original marketing director for the MSU Riley Center, a performing arts and conference facility including an 1889 historic grand opera house theater. Responsible for building marketing communications from the ground up, Penny led the development of the website, donor program, box office policies, and brochures/collateral look and feel that are all still in use today. She also collaborated and partnered with local, state and national arts organizations, and served on local and state tourism boards, and the local United Way board.

Penny’s work within advertising agencies has focused on developing effective branding and positioning strategies and marketing communications planning and implementation. She is adept at auditing websites and marketing materials and creating copy content for website, emails, and brochures. Penny is particularly passionate about promoting and furthering the arts, arts education, social equality initiatives, historic preservation, downtown revitalization, and mental health advocacy.

Penny has provided marketing consultation to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), local and regional tourism associations, homebuilder associations, and the Southern Governors’ Association. She is currently a WDVZ board member, a volunteer with Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN), and provides consulting to Asheville’s Blue Horizons Project, a public-private partnership to further a clean energy future.

Tiffani Mensch has over a decade of experience in nonprofit education, community outreach, marketing, and fundraising, and she is passionate about helping nonprofits achieve greater mission impact. Before joining the staff at ABN, Tiffani worked for the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, the University of Tennessee, and Girls Inc. of Santa Fe. She earned an MA from Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology. Tiffani is the secretary of the board of trustees for Girls Inc. of Knoxville and a peer reviewer for the Standards for Excellence Institute. She also volunteers with the Historic Ramsey House.

Todd Temple is a graduate from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and has been self-employed since 1999. He loves creating logos and branding elements for companies in and around the East Tennessee region. He also offers website design, outdoor advertising, and print design services that cover a broad range of media, including business cards and other stationary items, as well as annual reports and large format brochures. Portfolio items from previous design projects can be viewed HERE.