The Alliance for Better Nonprofits (ABN) serves nonprofits throughout the 25 counties of upper East Tennessee by building their capacity to be more efficient and effective in fulfilling their missions and serving their communities. At the same time, ABN serves as a catalyst for collaboration aimed at reducing duplication and increasing cooperation among nonprofits seeking to address community issues.

ABN’s goal is to walk with the region’s nonprofits on their journey towards sustainability and efficacy by providing education and training, relationship-building opportunities, access to resources, and support in collective impact initiatives. ABN has a relational approach to assisting nonprofits by providing the tools they need to increase their capacity and their impact. ABN believes collaborating makes our communities stronger and creates the opportunity for organizations to thrive.

ABN connects its members to nonprofit peers, leaders, and experts, as well as to the foundations, philanthropists, agencies and university partners committed to making the community stronger through better nonprofits.

In November 2021, ABN merged with the United Way of Greater Knoxville and Volunteer East Tennessee to organize resources more efficiently and increase overall nonprofit capacity in Knoxville more collaboratively.