Board Innovation Summit

Wednesday, December 9, 8:15am-2pm


There are a lot of unanswered questions on the horizon for the nonprofit sector. Now is the time to equip your nonprofit board for success! Join the Alliance for Better Nonprofits, East Tennessee Foundation, and the United Ways of Greater Kingsport, Bristol TN/VA, and Greene County for our Board Innovation Summit – a virtual Zoom event featuring seven engaging sessions, live Q&A, and resources from expert speakers to help you navigate the challenges you and your board are facing as we continue to redefine how we do business. You’ll learn effective ways to include your board in decision-making, oversight, and planning for the future of your organization.

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Meet the Conference Presenters



Keynote: What Is the Donor Experience? | Kn Moy, DXM Institute for Changemaking Innovation  

Discover how to unlock the full potential of your organization’s ability to better engage your donors. Learn how to help your decision-makers listen deeply to your donors. Understand how to design, deliver, and optimize superlative donor experiences that drive new opportunities for growth and impact.

A Properly Focused Board | Dr. Alex Miller, University of Tennessee

Productive and effective boards must focus on the five key M's during board meetings. Learn how these pillars can help your board govern with strategic leadership to advance your mission.

Board Leadership Forecasting | James Lee Harlan II, East Tennessee State University

In this engaging dialogue, nonprofit board leader James Harlan will share governance strategies to enhance your board’s functionality and increase support for your organization through difficult and uncertain times.

Building Effective Partnerships With an Equity Lens | Dorian Spears, Momentum Nonprofit Partners

Nonprofits can expand their reach and strengthen their missions through effective partnerships. Has your organization intentionally strategized around why you partner with other organizations and how to best partner with them? In this session, you’ll learn techniques to build authentic and successful relationships with an equity lens.

Innovate to Initiate Change | Brandon Bruce, Startup Knox

In 2021, nonprofits will need to operate differently to stay effective and sustainable. How does innovation play a part in your organization? In what ways does your board assist your nonprofit in encouraging the testing of new ideas? Let’s dig in!

Five Skills You Need to Uplevel in Uncertainty | Heather Hiscox, Pause for Change

The organizations and professionals we work with have superpowers. They know how to get results in less time, for less money, and with greater impact. They have tools in their toolbox that all leaders in this age of uncertainty must have, not just to survive, but thrive. This is a new age that requires new skills. In this session, you’ll learn five essential and simple skills you can use to fulfill your mission and meet your goals most efficiently and effectively.

Panel: Engaging Young Professionals in Board Leadership | Rachel Dellinger, Jim LaPinska, & Shana Love

The time has come for organizations to sink or swim based on how effectively they engage millennials. That may be hard to do if members of your leadership aren’t representative of this generation! Join three incredible young professionals to learn about their optimal board recruitment and engagement strategies.

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