Did you miss the conference? Don't worry, the recording and all accompanying resources are available online! Get it HERE and watch when it's convenient for you.


Harnessing the power of stories to advance your mission, attract supporters, and amplify your impact!


Virtual Conference

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020 | 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. EDT

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ABN Members: $99 | Non-Members: $199 | Students: $59 | Groups of 3+: $79 each with code CONF3+

Things certainly have changed in our country since we first announced our spring conference earlier this year. We were so excited to see you all in person, but current times call for new approaches and safety measures. So, we’ve shifted gears! The rescheduled date is the same – August 11th – but the location has been updated to everywhere! We invite you to join us for an online version of our conference, a one-day event designed to help you harness the power of stories to advance your mission, attract supporters, and amplify your impact.

Conference highlights include:
* Seven dynamic sessions
* International keynote and other featured speakers
* Breakout rooms for peer-to-peer networking

Hope to “see” you in August!





KEYNOTE: Storytelling Q&A with Ben Conard, Entrepreneur and Advocate | Ben Conard, Five North Chocolate

Dedicated to great taste, consumer health, and sustainable sourcing, Ben Conard founded Five North Chocolate®, an award winning, Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® supporting cacao farmers around the world by creating deliciously nutritious, Fair Trade Certified chocolate snacks. For his work in the fair trade movement, Fairtrade International named Ben one of the Top 10 Biggest Fair Trade Advocates in the World and #1 in the U.S. His passion for fair trade has taken him to the TEDx stage and to fair trade farms in Ecuador and artisan workshops in India.

Ben celebrates all cultures and people. As a U.S. Ambassador for Congress, he spent a year in Germany representing the U.S. to strengthen diplomatic relations. As a human rights activist, he was named one of 40 LGBT Leaders Under 40 by Business Equality Magazine. As a social entrepreneur, he truly believes in the power of business to create positive impact for all stakeholders including producers, farmers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and consumers.

Podcasting: Say What? | Jody Collins, Feral Giant

You've likely heard of podcasts, and probably subscribe to a few. But how are nonprofits using podcasts to advance their mission? Podcasts aren't just about growing an audience; they can serve many other purposes. Jody Collins, producer of four podcasts (including Visit Knoxville's #WhyKnox podcast), will share his experience and advice on how you can start your own.

Finding the Stories Worth Telling | Brian Canever, UT Office of Communications & Marketing

There’s a reason why books and movies have drawn our attention for hundreds of years. We love stories of love against all odds, valiant underdogs, hometown heroes, transformation, and deep human connection. But how do we find these stories within our own organizations and tell them in ways that connect with our audiences? In this session, we will discuss how to engage with your staff, clients, and volunteers to discover stories you may have missed, as well as how to work with your subjects to tell these stories in beautiful, impactful ways.

Storytelling for Better Employee Engagement | Charley Sexton, Moxley Carmichael

Your employees should be your greatest advocates! Ensuring that your team understands your mission, vision, and values increases engagement and employee satisfaction and creates invaluable ambassadors. Learn about a local company that has undergone an amazing transformation through clear and consistent internal communications and find how they did it successfully.

Creating a Culture of Feedback & Choice: Strategies for Engaging Your Stakeholders in Your Organization’s Story to Foster Positive Change | Janelle Coleman, Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Good storytellers not only know how to capture their audience, but they also make concerted efforts to turn their audience members into active participants in the telling of the tale. Impactful stories are an integral part of an organization’s culture and longevity. In this interactive session, you will gain strategies for not only telling your nonprofit’s story in a way that is understandable and relatable to your stakeholders, but you’ll also learn culturally responsive methods for soliciting and implementing feedback from the community members you aspire to reach. Through a discussion of user-focused evaluation methods, you’ll discover ways to transform your story into a shared narrative in which your stakeholders can serve as active agents for positive organizational change.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Building the Confidence to Speak Out | Regina Bonds, Unstoppable Confidence, Inc.

What narrative do you tell yourself each day? Is it a compelling story or a dramatic novel? Learning how to speak to yourself with praise and encouragement helps build confidence, which will enhance your ability to empower your team and the communities you serve. Learn how to fill your own bucket so you can pour into others!

Storytelling: The Essence of Communication & Motivation | Stephen Land, Jupiter Entertainment

The most effective way to engage your audience is with storytelling: humans are wired for them. Our brains often don’t distinguish between fiction and reality; therefore, we immerse ourselves in stories as if we were a part of them. Stories make us experience information, as opposed to just consuming it. In a rapid-fire review, we’ll learn how some successful storytellers convey their messages to build engagement and loyalty.



Make a name for yourself in the nonprofit community by promoting and showcasing your business to nonprofit leaders at the ABN 2020 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference! Aligning your company with ABN provides you with access and exposure to our broad community of nonprofit organizations and their executives, staff, board members, and volunteers, as well as our vast network of corporate and individual donors and community partners.

Contact: Samantha Amick, Assistant Director of Capacity Building, (865) 313-2077 or samick@betternonprofits.org